Parcel Cargo Express Train begins operation between Northeast-West Coast

  • May 19, 2018
News East:Parcel-Cargo-Express-Train-begins-operation-between-Northeast-West-Coast

 New Delhi: In line with Government’s priority to provide connectivity to Northeast region and empowering local industries of this region particularly, Northeast Frontier Railway has started operating one lease Parcel Cargo Express Train (PCET) on fortnightly basis, connecting Northeastern part of the country to the West Coast.

The route of this Parcel Cargo Express Train lease is New Guwahati in Assam to Kalyan in Maharashtra with stoppages at New Jalpaiguri, Kalumna Goods Shed.

This move would enable farmers to market their products like tea, betal nuts, pineapple, jute, horticulture products, cane furniture etc. at the retail markets in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Nagpur, Pune etc. This initiative will not only promote industries of the region particularly but will also provide sustainable job opportunity to the local youths including unskilled labour.

Parcel Cargo Express Train has emerged as a business tool and this has been done without any additional strain on the resources of the railways. These leased PCETs will also generate substantial revenue to the Indian Railways in their contractual periods of six years each. The Unit transportation cost through PCET will be relatively less than the cost of road transportation. So, the transporters as well as ultimate consumers will be benefited on account of less transportation cost.   A single PCET can carry consignment equivalent to 52 nos. of trucks. This will ensure less Carbon Emission which will contribute for Green India & saving of foreign exchange on account of purchasing of fuel.

Several other zonal Railways have also taken initiatives to lease out Parcel Cargo Express Train(PCETs) on round trip.

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